1950 - 1960


Displaced Persons scheme ends. Need for migrant accommodation eases. Bathurst closes. Bonegilla continues as the main reception centre in eastern Australia, housing assisted migrants from the Netherlands, Britain and Italy. Refugees, principally from Italy and Yugoslavia, continue to arrive through to 1971.

1952 July

Italian migrants stage a violent demonstration, protesting at not being allocated to workplaces. They express dissatisfaction with the food, accommodation and recreation arrangements at Bonegilla. Army involved in containing the demonstrators. Emergency work placements found for the disaffected migrants.


Migrant intake reduced. Improvements to facilities ‘to provide more of a family atmosphere' – the process of planting trees and dividing huts into cubicles, etc. begins.


Influx of refugees from Hungary.


Treaty of Rome creates European common market and provides for inter-change of labour between countries that had been the principal Australian migrant donors. 

Australian Government Regional Arts Fund